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Originally posted January 2011 in serial format on the JWH Connection fan forum, this story is now posted here as a free download (see options below), as well as offered in print/ebook format in the vignette compilation, Cantrips: Volume #1.

A vignette featuring David and Mina of A Witch’s Beauty from the Daughters of Arianne Series.

Background: In Mermaid’s Ransom, the third book of the Daughters of Arianne Series, it is revealed to David, an angel in the Prime Legion, that his mate Mina, the powerful sea witch, is pregnant. As he was unaware of this, in this vignette he is swiftly winging home to confront and handle Mina’s volatile feelings about this unexpected change in their lives.

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Book II of the Daughters of Arianne Series
(can read as standalone)

Released February 2009
Re-Release July 31, 2017

Mina is Dark Spawn, half-mermaid, half Dark One. A sea witch who lives in the shadows, she is shunned by the merpeople. She seeks no friendships, however, no lasting relationships. Every day is about surviving, fighting the call of the dark blood within her, which demands she submit her ever-increasing powers to their cause. But Mina submits to no one. Until she meets David.

At thirty, David is one of the youngest angels in the Dark Legion, the angelic host dedicated to eliminating Dark Ones. Unlike many of his fellow angels who feel Mina’s death is inevitable, he believes her power can be used for good. When he entreats his commander to be assigned as her guardian against the Dark Ones, he also finds himself cast in the reluctant role of her executioner, if she turns to their cause.

The only problem is he is falling in love with the prickly sea witch. Which means he might risk the universe itself to turn her away from the darkness, and into his arms.

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