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Release date: Ebook four-novella serial, released in four consecutive months:

Book I: Body January 19, 2016 Book II: Heart February 16, 2016

Book III: Mind March 15, 2016 Book IV: Soul April 19, 2016

One woman in love with two men. Why choose, when she wants them both?

Samantha is in love with her roommates, Geoff and Chris, and she's sure they feel the same way. After seeing Geoff’s reaction to a visit to Naughty Bits, an erotica shop with an extensive BDSM inventory, she’s also pretty sure he’s a sexual Dominant who wants to claim both her and Chris for his own.

Yet the two men have been best friends since childhood, and that friendship keeps them frustratingly hands-off toward her and each other. She wants to respect their code of honor, but she craves deeper, more primitive reactions from them.

Having a submissive nature herself, she’s more than willing to tease Geoff’s Dominant side to life. Chris is the wild card for them both, but Sam is ready to play the hand they’ve been given. She’s determined to see if her naughtiest wishes can become the love of a lifetime, with two men who are everything her heart desires.


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NOTE ON PRINT VERSION: A print compilation of all four novellas usually occurs a year after the ebook release, if sales of the ebooks support a release in that medium.

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